24th – 25th January 2014

Long Room Hub

Trinity College Dublin

(No registration fee required)


Friday 24th January

Time: 4.30-6.30 pm

  1. Raina Howe (NUIG)- “Out of these wastes in small companies or great…”: The Woodkerne of John Derricke’s ‘Image of Ireland
  2. Stuart Morrison (Uni. Kent) – Mystical Wolves: the demonization and exclusion of Catholics in early modern print
  3. Ilya Afansayev (Oxford) – Creating outsiders?: the interplay between Christian universalism and ethnic stereotypes in twelfth-century Europe.
  4. Carla Lessing (NUIG)- Degenerate Englishmen: The representation of the English born in Ireland under the Tudor monarchs.

Keynote Speaker: 7 pm – Professor Patricia Skinner

(Research Professor in Arts & Humanities/Wellcome Research Fellow in the History of Medicine at Swansea University)

Putting on a Brave Face? The disfigured as outsiders in early medieval Europe

Followed by a drinks reception

Saturday 25th January

Time: 10.00-11.30

  1. Gregory Hulsman (TCD) – And ƿus bastard braunchis shulde be kutt fro ƿis tree:” A Lollard Conception of Social Reform
  1. Tadhg O hAnnrachain (UCD) – Contested Boundaries: Hostilities between Jesuit missionaries and Bosnian Franciscans in the Balkans 1612-1650
  2. Corinna Burrell (KCL)- “Material Identity, Metamorphosis, and the Violent Image in Sir Orfeo

Coffee Break 11.30-11.45

Time: 11.45-1.15

  1. Emmett O Byrne (C.I.T.) – Beyond the Pale and resisting Civility – The career of Rory Oge O’More
  2. Matthew Stevens (Swansea) – English law and the formation of Welsh identity: social solidarity and exclusion in late medieval Wales.
  3. Yvonne Seale – (Uni. Iowa) “On the Edge: Women and the Formation of the Premonstratensian Order.”

Lunch 1.15-2.00

Time: 2.00-3.30

  1. Kenneth Austin (Bristol) – Outsiders Reconsidered: Jews and Judaism in Reformation Europe
  2. Jenn Bartlett (York)- An Outsider on the Inside: Ralph Cavelario the Intellectual Immigrant
  3. Sarah Russell (Uni. Western Australia) – Outing their depravity: exclusionary process as emotional process during the Albigensian crusade.

Coffee Break 3.30-3.45

Time: 3.45-5.15

  1. Stephen Harrison (TCD) – Becoming Insiders? Objects, space and the early Hiberno-Norse experience.
  2. Terry O Hagan (UCD) – Exclusive Exclusion – From the Inside Out: Excluding the future by including the past in early Patrician hagiography
  3. Yvonne McDermott (GMIT)- On the margins: lepers and leprosy in medieval Galway

Symposium ends

For details please contact kennygi@tcd.ie



Outing Outsiders: Exclusion in Medieval and Early Modern Europe.


A one day Symposium hosted by the Department of History and the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies Trinity College Dublin on January 25th 2014.


The medieval and early modern West, far from being a homogenous world, was one which was diverse and, in many instances, multicultural. In the face of such diversity, how did communities define themselves in the past? Who was an insider and who was excluded, who was the outsider? Who decided upon normative and acceptable behaviour and how were those who transgressed punished?

This one-day symposium will investigate the outsider in European history.

Possible topics/themes to be discussed include but are not limited to:

Those who placed themselves outside society voluntarily (e.g. pilgrims, hermits, merchants, mercenaries)

Those who were excluded involuntarily (e.g. outlaws, captives, non-Christians, homosexuals)

Those who set themselves apart completely from the rules of society (e.g. heretics).

This Symposium aims to assemble the evidence from as wide a range of sources including history, literature, gender studies and art to map the extent and meaning of what being an outsider was in medieval and early modern Europe.


Please send a brief bio and abstract of 300 words to Gillian Kenny at kennygi@tcd.ie by October 31st 2013